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The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte FarberAstrology - Your Future Predicted
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As a practicing astrologer with over twenty-eight years of experience, I know that astrology (from Greek: astron, meaning 'star' and logos, meaning 'the process of reasoning' which equals star-logic!) possesses the ability to help people realize their potential. By interpreting astrology's symbolic language, an astrologer is able to describe our character and what we can expect to encounter, so that our free will can best make decisions. The only problem is that we have to know how to interpret astrology's symbolic language, and that takes years, unless you use The Enchanted Astrologer.

It was born from the fact that I always did readings for people at parties and teaching it to them as I went along. They invariably asked me if I could invent a way that they, too, could have so much fun and learn astrology, too. So I devised a way to combine the wisdom of Astrology with a quick and easy technique for putting us in touch with our Higher Selves and the result was KARMA CARDS: A New Age Guide To Your Future Through Astrology that Penguin Books published around the world in 1988 and it is still going strong.

Astrology has been called many things by many cultures but in our time this technique has been identified by the great psychoanalyst, Dr Carl Jung as his theory of Synchronicity (from Greek: syn, meaning 'together' and chronos, meaning 'time'). Dr Jung used this theory of 'meaningful coincidence' to explain the amazing accuracy of other oracles such as the Tarot Cards, I Ching and the Runestones. His idea is that everything that occurs at the same moment has a relationship of significance, if not of causality.

Without the energy of the person asking a question of my KARMA CARDS or its online brother, The Enchanted Astrologer, or of any of our other oracles, they are only so much paper, plastic, or metal. But when you use any of these oracles, you each become part of each other's past, present and future; able to connect with your past, present and future, and with everyone else's too. All you have to do is ask The Enchanted Astrologer for guidance, and you will receive it.

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