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The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
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Tuesday October 21, 2014

Deus ex Machina

As the creators of many popular divination and tarot systems, including The Enchanted Tarot, Karma Cards, and The Psychic Circle, we are more than used to explaining to people how and why the tarot and other divination systems work. We remember the old days when we used to think it was all about Gypsies and fortune telling, but that was before we learned first hand that advice from divination can help you make your fortune and keep it, too! So we don’t mind too much even when we’re asked even the most insulting questions. We realize that the prejudice against the users of tarot, astrology, psychic talking boards, and our other divination systems are the last acceptable prejudice, even in the Politically Correction Facilities known as our nation’s colleges.

But I was surprised, no; I was flabbergasted, when several experienced tarot readers and daily users of our hard copy divination systems questioned the accuracy of using our online versions of The Alchemist and The Enchanted Tarot.  I felt like quoting Shakespeare’s line from Julius Caesar as he was being stabbed by his friend, “And you, Brutus?!” I didn’t, of course. Here’s what I did: I took them on a little guided meditation. Join me now:

Let’s go back in time to the not so long ago days when to be a practitioner of divination meant that one of the most important tools you used for giving guidance came from using the divination system known as “haruspication,” or the reading of the entrails of a freshly killed animal. It could be anything from a bird to an ox.

Let’s tune in to the goings on at the oracle’s place of business on the day that some genius discovered tarot cards:

Ms. Tarotcards: “Oh, wise oracle, who sees and knows all. I have momentous news. Look at these pasteboard pages with pictures of the gods and goddesses on them. I can mix them while I ask a question, then select one and use the story of the deity I’ve chosen to suggest a message as my answer. Aren’t they wonderful?”

Mr. Haruspication: “What are you, kidding me? How can you read the message about the future contained in this and every living moment without living blood and entrails flopping around making a picture? You think these cards you’ve discovered can improve on natural laws? Get out of here and take those cards out of here, too!”

Resistance to change and improvement is a natural phenomenon because people are used to what they were taught, they have a vested interest in having been and continuing to be correct and, even more importantly, everybody is a critic! Even Euripedes, the great tragic poet and playwright of the fifth century B.C., was constantly under attack from the Greek comedy writers of his day. They hated his invention and use of the Greek Chorus (unconventional and noisy), the explanatory prologue (gives too much away too soon), and more than anything, they hated the “Deus ex Machina,” the device Euripedes invented where an actor playing a god would come flying in on some mechanical contraption and straighten out in a couple of minutes the most tangled story, as only a god can do.

Deus ex Machina translates as “God in the machine,” and I believe that God/dess is in my machine, my computer, my cell phone and ipad. I’m sure that, like me, you are always amazed at people’s double standards. Well, my favorite one lately is that people who are living to tell you that God/dess is everywhere are telling me that a computer or online divination system cannot give accurate information and guidance. Let me get this straight, you believe that the living God/dess decided to be everywhere except online and in our computers? Uh, oh. If that’s the case, I think we’re in for a lot of trouble!

Thank God/dess, that is not true! God/dess is everywhere. E=MC2  is a scientific fact. That means that all matter, including our computers and the entire internet, are made of pure energy.

We are proud to present our Enchanted Tarot app for iphone and Android.

And our online systems are always available at


October 08, 2014 
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