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The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
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Monday October 27, 2014

How our PSYCHIC CIRCLE was born...


           Most people know what a Ouija® board is. It is a copyrighted rendering of the kind of "talking board" that has existed literally for thousands of years. Talking boards are spiritual tools and, unfortunately, the Ouija® has too often been sold and used as a toy. It has scared the wits out of a lot of people, and not just young people either.

            It is funny how life works outóreally funny in my case, because I started out to be a musician. Since 1988, my wife, Amy Zerner, the fabric collage artist, and I have become known in the publishing world as the world's foremost creators of interactive personal guidance systems. We've tried to clean the "dirt" of centuries of ignorance and superstition off of the "buried treasure" to be found in the totally misunderstood arts of tarot, astrology, alchemy, the Goddess, Love, and, the most misunderstood of them all, talking boards.

            We thought, "Why should all this ancient wisdom be ignored just because no one is taking the time and using their heads to see what the ancient sages were really saying?" We had spent most of our lives studying these things, so we thought we'd put what we know into our books.

            As artists and inventors, we wanted to create a talking board system that was prettier, more fun, and easier to use. It would have to be true to our personal goal of helping everyone develop their intuition and decision-making ability, and making ancient wisdom accessible, practical and useable to all. And very importantly, we wanted to include a comprehensive book that would properly prepare a person to use this very powerful spiritual tool. In 1993, Simon & Schuster published The Psychic Circle: The Magical Message Board.

            I'm very proud to say that it has sold over 300,000 copies around the world and now, when I sneak in for a peek at the talking board chat rooms on the Internet, more and more of them are now called "Ouija/Psychic Circle." We're starting to win back the good reputation of talking boards, but here's something we've never told anyone before: We were told to do The Psychic Circle by a spirit on a talking board. And we were told to do so fifteen years before we actually did itóbefore we even dreamed of creating divination systems and writing books!

            Now it is 2014, and we've received thousands of letters from people who've contacted loved ones, found missing objects and changed their lives for the better. We've also received some letters from people who've actually had frightening incidents, even with our PSYCHIC CIRCLE.

            But way back in 1976, Amy and I were in our mid-twenties, visiting our dear friend Lori Solensten when she mentioned that she had been given a talking board. She had not used a talking board since her teenage years and invited Amy to try it with her. Though Amy had never tried using a talking board before, she agreed. Being familiar with the power of prayer and ritual, we all held hands and prayed together that only energies from the highest levels of the world of spirit would come through. And then...nothing.

            For what seemed like a long time we all just sat there, me with my pencil ready to record any information and they with their hands on the board's indicator. Suddenly, the indicator started circling the board and increasing its speed with each turn. We were laughing at the exuberance it displayed, finding it hard to believe that neither one of them was pushing the indicator, when it spelled out: "I am of kin." Even as I write the words now, almost 40 years later, I still get the same electric feeling that seeing those words produced in us all that night.

            The board proceeded to tell us that the disembodied spiritual essence we were experiencing was a departed relative. Without going into the details of the information given as proof of identity, we received a good deal of material that turned out to be quite important to us all many years later. One example is that during the first session and the sessions that followed, we received the name KARMA CARDS, a name I would use ten years later for my first personal guidance system, as well as the name and idea for THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE itself!

            After our "kindred" spirit had left, a new energy arrived. The board spelled out: "I am Van Fuld, William Fuld's brother." We all laughed because there printed at the top of the board was the name William Fuld, the man who had invented the Ouija® and sold it to Parker Brothers, the game manufacturers who had made a lot of their fame and fortune with it.

            In the spirit of investigation, which is the best way to approach the use of a talking board, we continued. Well, good old Van really got going. I was keeping the notes of the letters indicated by the talking board's "planchette," the little marker you put your fingers on. Amy and Lori would call out the letters as the marker hovered over them, sometimes with a lot of time between letters, so they didn't know what was being spelled out. They didn't know if anything at all was being spelled out, for that matter!

            My eyes widened with surprise as I jotted down the letters, broke them up into words and saw what "Van Fuld" was saying to us on the talking board: "He stole the Ouija board idea from me and now I am going to give you an idea."

            Then the marker started zipping around so fast that everyone knew the words being spelled out: "PSYCHIC CIRCLE... circle is infinite... try to make PC for heaven for everyone... 18 inches diameter in square...not the size of a place-mat... there should be maybe planets, symbols, and signs... see nature--sea (water), and nature (earth)--sky (air)... something like a tweeter (the Magical Message Indicator looks like a small clear plastic high frequency speaker!)... six levels... represents the cosmos... be patient."

            We were patient, all right. We were so patient that I totally forgot about that session for fifteen years. And then our wonderful astrologer, Leor Warner, whom we had never told about the session because, after all, we had forgotten it, said to us in our bi-annual reading, "It's time to do that round talking board." And the rest is talking board history.


October 21, 2014 
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