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The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
The Enchanted Collection of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
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October 25, 2009

Our new
book, "Healing Crystals-A Shaman's Guide to Making Medicine Bags &
Using Energy Stones" is out!It's a One Spirit Book Club Alternate Main
Selection- click on the cover!

October 25, 2009


February 04, 2009

Quick Chakra Tune-up

January 17, 2009

Amy & Monte's oracles just launched on Lifetime TV's website!

October 19, 2008

"The Young & The Restless" TV soap opera uses our Enchanted Tarot!

We are very pleased that with over three hundred different tarot decks to choose from, the legendary TV soap opera, "The Young and The Restless" chose our classic "Enchanted Tarot" book and cards set, our first tarot set which has been in print since 1990, published by St. Martin's Press and available here on our website, as well as wherever books are sold. As you may know, Amy created 78 (!) 3 foot high by 2 feet wide fabric collage tapestry tarot cards which were then photographed and reproduced as "The Enchanted Tarot" deck, several hundred thousand copies of which have been sold in seven languages. We have gotten hundreds of letters from professional and serious tarot readers saying that our "Enchanted Tarot,""Instant Tarot Reader," "True Love Tarot," or our latest DVD and tarot bag containing book/deck set, "Tarot Discovery Kit," was their first deck/book, for which we are very grateful and proud. If you or someone you know is interested in learning the tarot we can say without reservation that our book/deck kits are the best, easiest to use, and most fun tarot kits in the enchanted world!

October 01, 2008

See Our New Spiritual Couture Lookbook

The Enchanted World now has a new Spiritual Couture Lookbook for you to download.

Download Spiritual Couture Lookbook (pdf, 24.2MB)

June 01, 2008

Greetings! Our newest creations are now available: two new ways to tap into the energy of the Universe. Big dreams can indeed come true!

Wish Upon A Star: Cosmic Fortune-Telling Kit
SALE PRICE: $11.21 (Reg. 14.95)

When your close your eyes, ask a question and reach into your magical bag of stars in the "Wish Upon a Star: Cosmic Fortune-Telling Kit", you will unlock your inner wisdom and boundless potential — quickly and easily. This starry amulet system encourages one to open to challenges circumstance, bringing good fortune, financial increase, and an awareness of new possibilities and rewards through effort and intention. Use as a meditation / affirmation each day, or when you need a quick guide.

Make a wish! The velvet bag is filled with 22 stars. Each star has a number from 1 - 22. The player shakes the bag and makes a wish and puts their hand into the bag and pulls out one star. They compare the number on the star they have selected in answer to their wish with a corresponding answer in the accompanying booklet. The answer tells them if they are going to get their wish and, if so, how. If they are not going to get their wish, the text advises them how to change their luck.

Contains: 22 Etched Resin Stars, Embroidered velvet drawstring bag plus 36 page book.

Little Reminders: The Law of Attraction: 36 Oracle Cards to Guide You to Wealth and Prosperity
SALE PRICE: $9.71 (Reg. 12.95)

Everyone needs a little reminder to help them attract more money, security and abundance in their life! It's those little things we often forget to do in the busy bustle of life, but that are so important to be reminded of: to slow down, pay attention, open our hearts, and feel deserving to enjoy life to the full. Designed to help you achieve the wealth you dream of, "Little Reminders" is a card deck with short messages by author Monte Farber about attracting prosperity and success, accompanied by beautiful artwork by his wife Amy Zerner. By simply choosing a card and reciting the specific message inwardly throughout the day, your powers for manifestation, for waking up, for appreciation, and more will be transformed. Everyday challenges will be turned into opportunities. "Little Reminders" will help you weave a meditative attunement and sensibility into daily life, no matter how hectic it might be, and affirm that big dreams can indeed come true.

Contains: Boxed set of 36 oracle cards with 8-page gatefold guide
Wishing you enchantment, always and all ways,

Amy & Monte

October 08, 2007

Monte's Psychic Readings

I have developed my own method of psychic perception, a combination of creative channeling with street-wise spirituality, common sense, intuition, and a genuine love for the human spirit. As a best-selling author of forty books and tools about tapping into the wealth of guidance that is within us and all around us, I have sold nearly two million copies around the world in twelve languages. I have been published by Simon and Shuster, St. Martin’s Press, Chronicle Books, Viking/Penguin, Tuttle, Sterling and One Spirit. Living in the exclusive Hamptons area of Long Island, New York, I have personally counseled many of the celebrities and business elite who know me as "The Best Astrologer in The Hamptons" (Dan's Papers). My accurate and down-to-earth advice has been endorsed by leading visionary authors and company executives who use my unique skills as part of their important decision-making mix.

My fee for a 1-hour reading is $500. Call 631-324-7695 to arrange an appointment.


October 03, 2007

Good News about our Enchanted Spellboard!

We are pleased to tell you that our "Enchanted Spellboard" talking board is a Main Selection of the One Spirit Book Club for this month! The Enchanted Spellboard is a beautifully designed psychic communication tool that you can use to guide you with projects, family mysteries, lost objects and much more. It's designed to help you connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, and inner wisdom to allow you to receive messages from the Great Beyond.

Go to the One Spirit Web site and click on Featured Selection.


January 01, 2007

Nice Article About Us in Dan's Papers, written by our friend David Lion Rattiner, Dan's Son (and a budding psychic!)

Who’s Here

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber: Authors

By David Lion Rattiner

When you first meet Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, you are struck by their genuine kindness and sense of humor. The East Hampton couple has built an empire around tarot cards, psychic reading books, jewelry and fashion that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world.

Since 1988, Amy and Monte have been sharing their gifts as psychics, having sold close to 2 million copies of the various books they have written together, which have been translated into ten languages. This has resulted in having their own Enchanted World imprint for Sterling Publishing, Barnes & Noble’s publishing company, and even their own Enchanted World shelf at Barnes & Noble stores, following the March release of their “Chakra Meditation Kit,” “Karma Cards,” and “Tarot Discovery Kit.” They also have four new titles coming out in the fall.

Their story is remarkable. They met through a friend in October of 1974, when Monte was playing bass in a band in New York City. At the time, they were just 23 and 24 years old. From the moment they met, Amy “was studying astrology and I was studying Amy,” recalls Monte. However, he believes that their connection goes back even further. “When I was just 14,” Monte told me, “I had a dream about a woman with purple hair like Amy has, and I just felt this incredible love that I now get to feel it every day.” Amy is truly the woman of his dreams.

Amy and Monte began giving psychic readings out in the Hamptons because Amy’s family had a house in Springs. They developed a small following because of their accuracy, and their ability to use their skills to help their clients. At the time, Monte was working in the movie business as a bodyguard for Michael J. Fox in New York City. He developed a form of psychic reading that he called Karma Cards and they wondered if a publisher would be interested in them.

In 1986, the couple traveled to New Orleans to attend the American Booksellers Association conference. “We were walking amongst all of these different tables and sat down with a publisher. I said to him that I have this card game that can predict the future. He said to me that he’d try it and thought of a question and the answer came up that he should do it. When I asked him what his question was, he said, ‘I asked whether or not I should publish this,’” Monte told me.

“It was a very magical moment,” said Amy.

It was from there that their work began to blossom and they were able to share with others that being psychic is something common to us all, because we are all connected. Following the same philosophy of listening to your third eye, they were able to make smart decisions, which included the development of a game called the Psychic Circle.

A lot of what they do is about helping people make decisions in life that are the right decisions. They expressed to me that making the right choices in life is extremely important and that using your own psychic powers can lead you to a good decision instead of a bad one. “Everybody has a psychic ability. Being psychic is like a muscle; you have to exercise it for it to be strong. A lot of what we do is about helping people harness that,” Monte says.

Amy and Monte both expressed to me the importance of intuition with their work and learning how to trust that gut feeling. “Making good decisions in life is a combination of being logical and following your intuition,” says Monte.

“If you listen to your intuition, you’ll be guided to the right destiny. It’s very important to listen to that pure voice. It’s the part of you that knows,” Amy says.

It was intuition that first brought Amy to the Hamptons. When Amy was just 16, her family was planning to move away from their home in Pennsylvania. It was something Amy didn’t want to do, but when her mother showed her a map of New York and told her to choose a spot, Amy followed her instincts and pointed to East Hampton. Her Mother drove out there and bought a house in Springs a short time after. “That’s a good example of how important it is to follow your children’s intuition as well,” Amy tells me.

The couple are still very active in giving private readings and using their abilities to help others. They are also doing many things outside of selling books. Monte uses his psychic abilities to help solve crimes. “My life is so interesting to me because I still don’t know how it works. But I’ll be able to connect with a dead police officer in an unsolved crime and he’ll tell me how everything happened and the case will get solved. I’ve learned how to trust that because it’s accurate.”

Amy has developed her own line of jackets called Spiritual Couture. The jackets have been bought by famous celebrities including Oprah, Patty Labelle and Martha Stewart. They sell at Bergdorf Goodman and can be seen at the couples website,

February 08, 2007

BIG NEWS!! The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber is now an imprint of its own, distributed exclusively by Sterling Publishing, Barnes & Noble's publishing company

October 2006 saw the publication of our Astrology Gems series, the first of our works published by Sterling Publishing, owned by Barnes & Noble, our new "home!" You can now find them on the spinner racks in the Gift section near the counter of every Barnes & Noble store in the world.

Each of these twelve little $5.95 "sun sign" books (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc.) is our unique take on the signs of Astrology, offering information you can actually use in your daily life. Amy has designed twelve gorgeous covers and we're working on developing her cover art as posters and notecards -we'll keep you posted right here.

March 2007 will see the publication of two more Enchanted World creations: our "Chakra Meditation Kit," heretofore only available as a Main Selection from the One Spirit Book Club, and the reissue of Monte's first book/card deck set, "Karma Cards: A Guide to Your Future Through Astrology" with a new package design.
April 2007 will see the publication of our "Tarot Discovery Kit," currently available only as a Main Selection for One Spirit Book Club. It contains our full Zerner/Farber Tarot Deck, a satin bag to hold your cards in, an instruction book, and an amazing DVD containing 78 featurettes with animations, music, and narration, as well as five movies, all designed to enchant you and help you learn to read tarot cards easily and enjoyably.
To read Janet Boyer's great review of our "Tarot Discovery Kit," click the following link:

January 22, 2007

Please check out a new article about us in Pure Inspiration Magazine, by Jill V. Mangino.

"The first time I saw Amy Zerner’s art I cried. Yes, I cried. I was in Joshua Tree, California, visiting with friends and much to my astonishment, Amy's husband Monte was a surprise guest for the night. Monte was in town on a layover from a business trip in Los Angeles. What we did not know was that we were in for an impromptu "art show." What I really did not anticipate was that I would be moved to tears by the beauty of his wife Amy’s magical art tapestries..."
Read the full review.

To subscribe, go to

January 16, 2006

Our "Astrology Gems" series of Sun Sign books are now available in every Barnes & Noble in the USA!

If you want to really learn some useful information about your astrology sign and the signs of those you care about please go to your local Barnes & Noble store and ask them to show you our Astrology Gems series of 12 Sun Sign books. They should be on the spinner racks at the front of the store but sometimes they put them elsewhere, so just ask and they'll show you. They're little and relatively inexpensive (US$5.95). And they've got GREAT covers, thanks to Amy having created 12 completely new takes on the twelve signs of the zodiac. We're hopeful that they'll be coming out as notecards sometime this year.

If you want to read the great reviews we've gotten for each of them, just click on the sign you want to know about:













September 21, 2006

Patti LaBelle wears Amy Zerner's "Spiritual Couture" on FOX TV's "Duets" at 9 PM Eastern Time, Thursday & Friday, Sept 21st & 22nd.

Tonight and tomorrow night, September 21st and 22nd, at 9 PM Easter Time, legendary singer Patti LaBelle will be performing on FOX TV/Simon Cowell's new hit show, "Duets," wearing one of Amy's "Spiritual Couture" jacketsr. Patti told Amy "I've been looking for clothing like yours my whole life!" Amy and I could not be more thrilled to at Patti LaBelle to her list of "goddess" collectors, a list that also includes Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Starry Nights On Cinematherapy
Women's Entertainment TV

Monte gives a Tarot Reading demonstration.
View The TV Clip

"Marriages Made in Heaven: An interview with Monte Farber & Amy Zerner"
By Michael Peter Langevin
Magical Blend Magazine, Issue 84

In their recent book, Love, Light, and Laughter, Amy Zerner and Monte Farber tell the truth about their long-time partnership–both in marriage and business. Having written 17 metaphysical books together and designed a total of 11 tarot and divination decks, they've accomplished what many are envious of: a successful personal and professional life together. It's not all perfect, though many who have seen the two in action may think it is. They have gone through challenges and pain, just like most couples, but unlike many couples, they've persisted in their relationship, making it their number one priority. Talking with them, you hear how they allow each other space to express themselves, and how each makes allowances for the other and comes to the other's aid gracefully when needed. You get the feeling these two have figured out something very important: that marriage may be made in heaven but it is sustained in daily, attentive, caring earthly life.
Read Full Interview

April 04, 2005

"The Truth Fairy" and "Chakra Meditation Kit" Top The Charts of One Spirit Book Club!

Amy and I are excited to inform you that our "Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit" is the Number One seller in the Angels and Fairies section of One Spirit Book Club, the wonderful spiritual book club founded by Book of the Month Club! You don't have to be a Member of One Spirit to get your own copy of "The Truth Fairy," you can get it right here on in our Product Showcase, through your local bookstore , through one of the chain bookstores or online through and

Our "Chakra Meditation Kit" is the Number One seller in the Spirituality section of One Spirit Book Club, but because we made it just for them (it was their Spring Catalog's Main Selection) you can only buy it if you're a member of One Spirit Book Club, which you should be anyway.

We've been members since it started and we've gotten a lot of wonderful books for great prices and now that you can decline to receive any selection online, it's really a snap. So please visit and join so you can get "Chakra Meditation Kit." My CD of guided Chakra Meditations (with incredible music by my friend Luigi G. Collarullo from Milan, Italy) is worth the cost of the kit (US$29.95), but you get seven Chakra Candles, a book and last but not least, you get seven Chakra Contemplation Cards featuring Amy's Chakra Shields and her poems about them, plus an easel to display them.

You know we don't push our work on our website, but "Chakra Meditation Kit" is a powerful tool that we all need at this time in our world's history. There's so much uncertainty and no time for anything that we need to center ourselves every day and that's what "Chakra Medititation Kit" does. I've been told that I'm "The Barry White of The New Age" because the guided meditations are very cool and sexy (especially the first two because they're quite sexual) and all you have to do is listen to them and your Chakras will get a good cleaning and balancing. I listen to it every day  since one's voice doesn't sound the same when you hear it played back to you so, to me, I'm not listening to my own voice (though I know it is!).

OK, I'm really excited and I've run on too long, but the kits are great. Go join One Spirit and you'll thank us later for helping you realize what a great deal it is.

Monte for Amy

February 07, 2005


A Review by Janet Boyer

Janet Boyer is an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer and Editor of

This is a great review of one of our newest project, "The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit" published by Element Books, a division of Thorsons which is a division of HarperCollins UK (these darn publishing mergers!)

The Truth Fairy - Enchanted Pendulum & Message Board Kit

“The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit is imbued with the gentle Fairy wisdom that has guided all of us since we were children. If you loved fairy tales as a child and now need to know the truth about what is going on in your life and how to best deal with it, then you have come to the right place—the enchanted world of The Truth Fairy.” –Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Monte Farber and Amy Zerner are two of the world’s foremost designers of interactive personal guidance systems, with over one million copies of their work in print. These legendary lovebirds, happily married since 1975, have added a new divination tool to their Enchanted World: The Truth Fairy Pendulum and Message Board Kit.

Amy is an award-winning collage artist who has designed this kit, including the Truth Fairy pendulum necklace and the twelve Magical Message boards. Monte’s wisdom graces the pages, instructing and encouraging the reader on dowsing, intuition, Fairy Guides, and using the pendulum. Amy’s beautiful collage art is featured on the twelve message boards, each dedicated to a particular Fairy and realm of inquiry. When you have a question, simply select the Magical Message board of the Fairy whose truth you feel is most appropriate for addressing your inquiry, and then that Fairy will guide your pendulum to the correct answer. The twelve Fairies are:

The Abundance Fairy - For questions about manifesting your hopes and wishes

The Enlightenment Fairy - For questions about increasing your spiritual awareness

The Banishing Fairy - For questions about letting go of toxic thoughts and habits

The Location Fairy - For finding something dear to you or where you should go

The Timing Fairy - For picking the best time for any action

The Joy Fairy - For lifting your spirits and helping you relax

The Success Fairy - For guidance on prioritizing the steps on your path

The Communication Fairy - For improving communications and self-expression

The Love Fairy - For questions about understanding and improving a loving relationship

The Courage Fairy - For using your strengths to overcome your fears

The Wellness Fairy - For questions about making the most of your health and vitality

The Creativity Fairy - For questions about focusing your talents in the best way.

The Pendulum Necklace is on a 19 inch black cord, and has a lobster clasp. The pendulum itself is very unique: silver in color, each side features an engraving of a Fairy. Approximately 2.5 inches in length, the pendulum has an intriguing element: a flip top lid which reveals a secret compartment! When asking about vitamins or herbs, for example, you can put an actual pill in the compartment when dowsing. Or, you can write your question on a slip of paper and slip it into the compartment before inquiring the Truth Fairy. Because the pendulum is on a necklace, you can take it with you wherever you go to use with, or without, the Magical Message boards.

The Magical Message boards come in a rainbow of pastel colors, with Amy’s gorgeous collage in the center. Each board features four axes to discern the swing of the pendulum: Yes, No, Maybe, and Don’t Know. In the corner of each board are four words, which provide another way of dowsing: point a finger on each word with one hand, and then dowse the answer with the pendulum. For example, if you wanted to inquire the Abundance Fairy, you could point to the words Invest, Save, Trade, or Change, ask your question, and then pay attention to which axis the pendulum swings (Yes, No, Maybe, or Don’t Know). Or, if you were talking to the Location Fairy, you could point to the words North, South, East, or West. On the back of each board are five suggested questions to help you construct your question.

Also included in the The Truth Fairy Pendulum and Message Board Kit is a 48-page book which gives step-by-step instruction on how to use this kit to obtain answers to your questions—including how to phrase a question for optimal clarity—as well as how to use the common sense of the left brain in conjunction with the imagination and intuition of the right. Each Fairy has its own “bio”, not to mention a special enchantment to help you summon a particular Truth Fairy.

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber’s newest offering to the world is an excellent introduction to both the Fairy world and pendulums. I admit, I have had difficulty using pendulums in the past (much like Monte!), so I didn’t know if this kit would work for me. However, as I read the Guidebook, I felt a spark of anticipation and connection—as if the Fairies were ready and willing to work with me to (finally!) be confident with pendulum use. I asked questions of the Timing Fairy and the Wellness Fairy. With the former, I kept getting “No” answers. I was a little disappointed at the repeat answer, wondering if this would be yet another pendulum “failure”. However, when I asked several questions of the Wellness Fairy, I received specific—and varied—answers that confirmed what I had been feeling, and provided comfort that I was, indeed, on the right track. Not only that, the pendulum swung very robustly with some questions, but faintly on others—indicating, to me, the strength of the guidance itself (and how much I needed it!), as well as its importance to my questions.

I highly recommend this easy-to-use kit that will help you access your intuition, hone your discernment, and link you to the magical realm of Nature’s (and your) cheerleaders—the Fairies.

February 07, 2005

"The Enchanted Couple"
By Mariah Quinn of The Independent

The Independent is a wonderful free newspaper serving the Hamptons, NY, and the whole eastern end of Long Island)

Mix together a little rock and roll, a few Tarot cards, some lovely artwork, a dash of psychic ability, a touch of business savvy, and you will get a good sense of “the enchanted couple,” Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, the epitome of New Age can do.
Multitaskers in the true sense of the word, she designs a line of couture clothing for Bergdof Goodman while also working as an artist, illustrating and designing their jointly created books and projects. He does psychic readings for corporations while also writing and giving tarot readings on a regular basis. Their books have sold close to two million copies. “I think these times do call for multiple careers. I don’t think that it’s possible to just get by with one particular mindset,” Farber said.
Collaborators since 1980, their latest project is The Truth Fairy: The Enchanted Pendulum & Message Board Kit, intended to help people use fairy wisdom to find answers to life’s questions. It includes a pendulum and 12 beautifully drawn message boards designed by Zerner that can be used to divine answers to questions about love, banishment, joy, creativity, communication, and enlightenment. In the introduction in the accompanying book in the kit, Farber writes that the “Truth Fairy pendulum is a divining tool and using it can put you in touch with the divine within and without you.”

An Unusual Meeting
Zerner and Farber met on the set of a pornography movie in 1974, an indication that their life together would not follow the usual path. “It’s not as interesting as it sounds. Everyone had clothes on,” Zerner said with a laugh. She was studying astrology at the time, intrigued by its psychological undertones, and “I was studying Amy,” Farber said. Their interest in each other and astrology never waned. “We always supported each other in what we were doing,” Farber noted. “We have the same creative passions,” added Zerner.
Zerner and Farber were very much influenced by the culture of the 1960s and 1970s. “Our work incorporates Eastern spirituality, but also kind of a psychedelic tone to it because it’s experiential,” she explained. “We’ve kind of always stuck to the peace and love aspect of our time.”
Astrology proved to be the perfect catchall for their varied interest. Drawing on his interest in the study of comparative religions, Farber made the switch from rock and roll bass player to psychic and writer with ease. His first book, Karma Cards, has sold nearly 400,000 copies since it came out in 1988. Enchanted Tarot, published in 1990, was their first collaboration and they have been working together ever since. “What we really feel blessed about is to make our living as artist, helping people, and having the spirituality that infuses it all, and that we get to work with the person that we love,” Zerner said.
Zerner incorporates astrology into her intricately designed tapestries and clothing. The winner of a National Endowment for the Arts award for her intricate tapestries, she shows her one-of-a kind pieces at couture trunk shows at Bergdof Goodman, which carries her line. “We make this kind of spiritual vortex in the middle of the department store,” Zerner said.

Teaching Tarot
The fact that people are “out of the closet,” as Zerner put it, about their interest in psychics and astrology has served Farber and Zerner well. “To us, the sweetness of life and the magical side of life is real,” Farber said. They believe that Tarot readings and meditation help people connect to their intuition. “People exercise their bodies but they don’t always exercise that muscle,” explained Farber.
The couple urges their customers to learn to do Tarot readings themselves and to be discerning about who they seek out to aid them in the study of astrology. “I feel like a lawyer. There are people out there working full time to give my profession a bad name,” Farber said.
“We like to show people the phenomena of how it works because there is a lot of prejudice; people think it’s spooky,” Zerner added. “Monte always speaks the truth and that’s very important in this kind of psychic work to trust and speak what you feel.”
Farber does the bulk of his psychic readings for corporations, but he particularly enjoys giving readings to the unincorporated average Joe. “Monte’s sort of the Johnny Appleseed of psychics; he does it wherever he goes,” Zerner said. “He’ll be getting his tooth drilled at the dentist and he’ll see the grandfather of the dentist floating around.”
The two take an active role in every aspect of their work, seeing their projects through the entire process from creation to distribution. “We say that we have our heads in the clouds but our feet on the ground,” Zerner explained.
“Our brand is The Enchanted World and we’ve created our enchanted world because we had to,” Farber added. “We had to survive in the real world . . . we’ve gotten very good at the business aspect of things.”
Not content to rest on their stars, their next project is a Chakra meditation kit, complete with a new-age rap CD performed by Farber, due in February 2005. Their collective projects are “all about becoming who you are more fully,” Farber said. “We do believe that everyone has psychic abilities, we do believe in intuitive abilities, and it’s fun.”
Zerner and Farber’s website,, has information about their various books and projects, as well as examples of Zerner’s art.

May 18, 2004

Amy & Monte Read for Alanis Morissette live on Oxygen TV!

Seven time Grammy winning singer/songwriter/musician, Alanis Morissette is well versed in tools of divination and uses Amy and Monte's tarot cards. She requested that the two of them read her tarot cards and astrology chart on her eight hour reality show on Oxygen TV. In an unprecedented television event, four TV cameras followed Alanis around New York City and broadcast her live as she promoted her new, long awaited album, "So-Called Chaos." Monte and Amy read for her just before she took the stage at the China Club and gave a live concert that rocked the house!
Watch Now

March 23, 2004

The Enchanted Astrologer is here!

In not so ancient times, you gave out presents on your birthday to show your gratitude for being alive and so, on Amy's birthday, we gave you a special gift, "The Enchanted Astrologer."

"The Enchanted Astrologer" is the second online divination system, the astrological follow-up to our "Enchanted Tarot." "The Enchanted Astrologer" is designed to answer your every question about Love & Relationships, Work & Career, and Wealth & Success. Like "The Enchanted Tarot," you'll find the answers you receive are clear and, we believe, accurate. We would like to thank the electronic miracle workers at Yikes, Inc., our enchanted web design firm, for doing such a great job translating our book/cards set to the web - they are truly a gift from the universe to us and and our members and all who visit and all they work with. Can you tell that we like them?

So our Astrology section is now live! Visit when you have a chance. You'll be enchanted, we're sure!

May 15, 2004

We've now sold over 15,000 copies of The Tenth Anniversary Edition of "THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE®: The Magical Message Board™"

This November, Fireside books celebrated the Tenth Anniversary of our world-famous oracle, THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE: The Magical Message Board (Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster; November 2003; 0-671-86645-1; $25.00). We're pleased to report that we have now sold 15,000 copies of the Tenth Anniversary Edition, bringing total world wide sales to nearly to 200,000 copies since its publication in 1993.

THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE is a fun, unique tool that anyone can use, whether for entertainment or divine guidance.

The boards design utilizes the signs of the zodiac along with the planets of astrology, colors, numbers, and other symbols and markings to help the user decipher messages spoken by his or her own inner voice. THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE is designed to help people of all ages use their own intuition, and provide direction in any area of their lives. Using it regularly will even increase the user's psychic abilities as they grow accustomed to communicating with their subconscious.

THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE comes with a round plastic message indicator and a detailed instruction manual complete with interpretations, rituals, and methods of use. Messages flow easily as the specially designed Magical Message Indicator spells out sentences using the alphabet, or cuts to the chase by landing on a sign or symbol in one of the boards concentric "wheels." Designed to grow with the user for a lifetime of insight and adventure, THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE can be used as a simple or complex system depending on your needs and interests.

Contact Name: Shida Carr; 212.698.4384

December 01, 2004

Interview With Monte Farber
By Bonnie Cehovet of the "Gateway To Tarot" eNewsletter

I feel very blessed that I was gifted with a "heads up" from Deni Richter ( about the new Enchanted World site ( This absolutely stunning site showcases the life long efforts of husband and wife team Monte Farber and Amy Zerner - both their individual and their combined efforts. The work reflected on this site is extremely diverse - but it has one common goal: reflecting the sacred in life, and offering avenues to personal empowerment. I was extremely pleased when Monte agreed to do an interview for Gateway To Tarot - I feel that this couple still has a great deal more to say, so the podium now goes to Monte!Read The Full Interview

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Words of Praise for The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

"Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are two very special souls on this planet. They assist all of us in reminding us of our true spiritual nature. They are the only two practitioners I have met who are able to bring the teaching of truth in ALL of their divinely led creations." — James Van Praagh, author of Ghosts Among Us & Talking To Heaven

“Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are emissaries of enchantment--their beautiful work reflects the magic in the world.”

-Judith Orloff MD, author of Emotional Freedom

“I love people that look at Life the way you both do”
                                 -Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

"There are lots of gifted painters and writers out there in the world. But few so creative as Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. The source of their inspiration is their love for each other, and that love causes them to produce wondrous works together that makes my jaw drop."

Richard N. Bolles, Author of What Color is Your Parachute?

"Amy's art and Monte's words are filled with enchantment, empowerment and inspiring guidance. Their magic is both potent and practical."

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and Everyday Grace

"Scoff all you want — we found the information unnervingly on target. [The Enchanted Tarot]"

Us Magazine

"A lot of do-it-yourself philosophy reads like so much mumbo jumbo, but The Alchemist drives home the point that there are new gods in our lives beyond the TV set."

Harold Goldberg, Entertainment Weekly

"Amy and Monte are role models for the New Age. They offer their vast knowledge and multi faceted talents to inspire and enrich others — their vision is holistic and healing. This is art that can help you live your life."

Audrey Flack, artist, author of "Art and Soul"

"An enchantingly good time awaits you."

Stephen Brewer, Home PC Magazine

"The Spell they weave is worth the read. [Love, Light and Laughter]"

Lynda La Plante, author of Prime Suspect

"I was so amazed, so moved, that I actually wept [Oracle of the Goddess]"

Bodhi Tree Book Review

"A beautiful book that will be adored by many readers. [Oracle of the Goddess]"

Marija Gimbutas, author of "Civilization of the Goddess" & "Language of the Goddess"

"Each book has a unique message and all have made invaluable contributions to our self-knowledge and self-transformation."

James T. Valliere, Publisher of Body Mind Spirit Magazine, bestowing 1996 Award of Excellence

"The works are rich with mythology and symbolism, postcards from the collective unconscious of humanity."

Jonathan Adolph, New Age Journal

"They are the epitome of 'soulmates.'"

Bodhi Tree Bookstore

Amy's vision is the path of the dream world, of intuition, where reality is ultra-real and the world is made right with peace and fresh insight. Monte's synergy with his partner is apparent in his insights, and the result is the magic of clarity. [Paradise Found]"

Karen Willis, Aurora Rising Magazine

"Amy Zerner's art explores the magical images discovered in inner journeys taken by explorers lead through waking dream explorations. Monte Farber has the uncanny ability to translate these images into finely constructed writing that helps her images take root in the world. [Paradise Found]"

Gerald Epstein, M.D., author of "Healing Visualizations" & "Healing Into Immortality"

"No other book (The Instant Tarot Reader) we know of offers this degree of specificity."

Publishers Weekly

"Working with this oracle (The Oracle of the Goddess) will facilitate deep inner work and healing."

Karen Crane, New Age Retailer

"Supportive and nurturing, The Healing Deck provides sage affirmations and advice for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. I only wish that the images of Amy's gorgeous collages were bigger on the card fronts!
Whether you use these cards as a healing or oracle or for meditation and instruction, The Healing Deck will help you cultivate healthful habits and personal empowerment as you traverse the journey towards wholeness."
Read the full review.

Janet Boyer, Author of

"The first time I saw Amy Zerner’s art I cried. Yes, I cried. I was in Joshua Tree visiting with friends and much to my astonishment Amy’s husband Monte was a surprise guest for the night. I met Monte the year before in Mexico on a tour of the Mayan Ruins. Monte was in town on a layover from a business trip in Los Angeles. What we did not know was that we were in for in impromptu “art show.” What I really did not anticipate was that I would be moved to tears from the beauty of his wife Amy’s magical, goddess art tapestries..."
Read the full review.

Jill V. Mangino, The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

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Words of Praise for The Enchanted World by Readers Like You

"This is the most beautiful and inspirational site I have ever seen, and I am a professional 'surfer'. Thanks for the most beautiful site on the web!"


"I stumbled across your webpage on my internet travels. I'd just like to thankyou for a beautiful free reading with the enchanted alchemist. The cards have such a lovely vibration and I was so delighted at my reading as I have a question and sometimes my own knowing becomes unclear as I talk and convince myself many ways. With the reading it just put me right back in touch with my own truth and I am so thankful to you for this. May you receive abundant blessings and much love."


"I cannot begin to tell you how much this web site helps me on a daily basis. No matter where I am at, I get encouragement, support and unconditional love. Thank you both so much! Namaste."


"I've just spent a lovely, peaceful afternoon in your enchanted world and I just want to let you know that through your creativity, imagination, spirituality and good will to others, you continue to enrich my life immeasureably. Thank you."

Mary Alice

"I just wanted to take the time to give you my impressions and to express my thanksÝto both of you and the work that you have done. I feel a renewed sense of optimism, and feel that the guidance and insight that I will receive from the Psychic Circle Board and the other materials that you both seem to work so tirelessly on will help me in my future endeavors. Thank you again and may God bless you both."


"I came across Amy Zerner's art in a catalogue years ago and, caroused through her books at the public library!...and was thoroughly enchanted. I kept the initial catalogue page and recently rediscovered it and am eagerly committing myself to be RE-ENCHANTED."


" I love the Chakra Meditation Kit! I'm so glad I found your website through it. Thank you for all you do to make this a better world! It is my goal to heal myself so that I can help expand the Love, Light, Laughter & Peace at a higher level than I am currently!"


"I rarely contact authors but felt that I had to say Thank You. I purchased the 'Chakra Meditation Kit' several weeks ago and cannot thank you enough for helping me open a closed door. I have read a lot of information on meditation but never seemed to be able to break through the barriers of conscious thought when I tried. I had asked the Goddess to help me find the path in any way she saw fit. I had not ordered the kit, rather it came as a featured selection that I had not declined- and it is my habit to decline all selections as so very few are topics that intrest me. I was pleasantly surprised. Monte's voice attracts my attention and is not unpleasant in a way that is distracting. The music resonates with natural vibrations which help carry me away from my earthly bonds. Finally I am able to grasp meditation in a way that had not been possable before. I am now able to see my chakras and fall into the colors and images Amy so beautifully illustrated. The two of you are truly blessed and gifted. Again, Thank You! and Blessed Be."


"I just have to say - I happened across your website through another, and it's just wonderful. You offer wonderful inspiring advice and I use the affirmations, I've only done one so far that I'm sure already has begun working! Keep up the great work!"


"I love the spirit of the site... that you created it as a temple, in gratitude, for people to enjoy free of charge. That is a beautiful sentiment, and one that I'm sure many besides me have appreciated. Then the site itself is just stunning, including the flash animated readings. The interpretations are always uplifting, particularly the enchantment. You're doing a wonderful job of it, and I really do appreciate the site, your efforts and your spirit."


"I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the enchanted tarot. It has helped guide me in many major (and not so major) decisions for over 10 years. I also enjoy your healing deck. I absolutely love the artwork as well as the writing style. I have encouraged and helped friends to begin using your decks. All agree they are thebest. Thank you again."


"I am writing to tell you of what I think of you and your site. I am a loyal fan who has the enchanted tarot book and card set. I am ordering the goddess cards and the alchemist cards. I am more then likely ordering the astrology cards too!! Dear Monte and Amy you are a blessing to all as you use your creativity as a brilliant guide of inspiration. Your illumination shines on us all...I wish to receive any emails that you have!!! Love and light to you."


"You have brought me so much pleasure with the answers and beautiful art. Just a free reading brings the feeling of being answered and knowing that you already knew the answer withing. Listening to the daily affirmation, I have to ask you from who or whom is the beautiful music? It brings a vibration of emotions and pure intonation of energy that floats deeper in the biological bell of my body. thanks for being here and love and light,"


"I loved my free reading and the site and the graphics are wonderful!"


"I just purchased/received the Chakra Kit thru One Spirit and I absolutely love it!"


"I just purchased your Chakra Kit from One Spirit, just want you to know I LOVE IT and your newly found site! Namaste :-) "


"I have read a lot of information on meditation, but never seemed to be able to break through the barriers of consciousness. Monte's voice attracts my attention and is pleasant, comforting and not at all distracting. The music resonates deeply with natural vibrations which help carry me away from my earthly bonds. I am able to see my chakras and fall into the colors and images Amy has so beautifully illistrated. Amy and Monte are truly gifted. I hope all who try this kit are as pleased as I am."


"I just wanted to say thank you for your help, love, guidance and encouragement. I've been through some extremely difficult situations recently, and your daily readings allowed me to remain calm and centered enough to make good choices for myself. This is saying a lot, because I have a bad habit of not being able to say no and spreading myself too thin. I'm still in a period of transition, but I'm no longer stressing as much with worry. I trust that my intuition, guides, and love from the universe will support me. With more love than you'll ever know, and my deepest gratitude,"


"This kit is very easy to follow, even for my 13 year-old daughter who does sessions with me as a bonding experience. She is in middle school and is having a really tough time in a new school in addition to dealing with multiple disabilities (we call them multiple challenges). She emerges from a session feeling refreshed, energized and whole again, and uses it on her own as needed. As a Metaphysical Minister, I plan to offer workshop sessions using this kit and stock it in the Metaphysical Book store as well."


"I have been reading Tarot for over 35 years and have read professionally for the past 12. I received a gift certificate and discovered your Pathfinder Psychic Talking Board at East West Books in Sacramento, CA. I almost put it back on the shelf, but a little voice inside urged me to purchase it. I never imagined what a remarkable gift it would be!
Using the board has been a tool for transformation for me and my partner, who is totally blind. His mother, much beloved by both of us, has been a regular source of guidance and comfort since we started using the board. Your site is beautiful and a delight to use too. Thank you, and thank you again!


"Just wanted to tell you I love the Chakra Meditation kit.
I got a massage one day and it opened up my chakras. Then I met this opera singer who sang Italian arias to me as well as a barely talented lounge act. Anyway it was like the music was flowing through me on a warm breeze. I kinda felt like your dog must feel when you hit the right place behind his ear and his leg starts thumping. Very intense.
So then my heart was aching for something I knew I couldn\'t have and it really threw me off balance. So after thinking on it all night (how silly of me) I decided to try the Chakra Meditation Kit. I figured it was a birthday gift from the Universe because I forgot to send back the reply card from One Spirit so it just showed up on my doorstep one day.
I am glad I had it with me. It really helped put me back into balance and my thoughts back into perspective.
Thanks, Amy and Monte, for this beautiful gift to the world. Please keep creating.


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